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October 10, 2008



My FNBO Direct ATM card came in the mail yesterday. I’m using the account for long term savings so I don’t anticipate needing regular access to the money in the near future but the ATM card will be nice to have if I need it.

I also got an email about FNBO’s Pay Yourself First Challenge, the bank’s promotional effort to encourage a higher rate of savings in the US. Here is a blurb about the challenge.

The Challenge will follow five everyday people in their quest for savings greatness by using the Pay Yourself First method. FNBO Direct will match, dollar-for-dollar1, what each of the five finalists has saved at the end of the Challenge. The grand prize winner will also be whisked away to a luxurious spa destination to restore his or her personal balance.

Pay Yourself First means depositing your paycheck into an FNBO Direct Online Savings Account (OSA). When bills are due you simply transfer just what you need from savings to your FNBO Direct Online BillPay account. Whatever’s left over – whether it’s $25 or $500 – stays in your OSA and earns an interest rate that is seven times higher than traditional saving accounts

I checked out the finalists, Tim’s video about quitting his job was pretty funny so I gave him my vote.

Click Here to get your own FNBO Direct ATM card.


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3 Responses to FNBO Direct ATM Card

  • Tim


    Thank you so much for voting for me! I’m glad you liked the video! Keep checking back, we’re going to be blogging constantly and I’m going to try to make other funny (hopefully) videos as much as possible!

    thanks again!


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