Financial Checkup – Teamwork

November 12, 2006

Financial Checkup Recap
The Financial Checkup series looks at how to improve our financial health. So far we’ve talked about our financial Behavior and how to Motivate ourselves to change it. Surrounding ourselves with good Influences will help us learn from them and pick up their financially healthy habits. One way to find an influence that will jumpstart our financial habits is Finding a Mentor.

Principle 5 – Teamwork
Why are there so many inspirational movies about teams of people accomplishing great things? When people that share a common goal or purpose come together, the sum is greater than the whole of the parts and the results can be incredible.

Being part of a team with common financial goals provides you with a great support system on your financial journey. Don’t get hung up on the standard structure of a team, it can be a community or even just a small group of friends.

If you are working towards the same purpose as others, a team can be a great place to share your experiences, talk about what works and what doesn’t. Team members can provide motivation, advice, recommendations, and assistance to each other.

Find a Team
I’ve found personal finance blogs to be a great place to join a virtual team on my financial journey. There are probably one or more blogs out there you could team up with whatever your financial interest:

Living frugally
Financial Success
Humor In Finance
Getting rid of debt
General money advice
Growing your net worth
Finances for Generation X
Exploration of personal finance from the perspective of a late-twentysomething

And of course yours truly, Inspiring Financial Success In Others

The next principle we’ll discuss is Teaching Others.


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