Economic Stimulus Rebate Payment in the Bank

May 30, 2008

I had been checking on our economic stimulus check status regularly at the beginning of this month but hadn’t looked for an update in a few weeks.

I was happy to see that our rebate check actually came through via direct deposit about a week and a half ago.  We’re using the check to help fund our vacation this summer, which is getting closer, so I was pleased to finally see the balance in our bank account! Now I can afford that flight on our private jet, kidding of course : )

I know some of our neighbors and co-workers still haven’t received their rebate checks and are starting to get a little worried. It is a nice chunk of money, we received $1500, so I can understand why everyone is anxious to get it.

When they ask me for advice on their rebate I just point them to the details I found, how to track your economic stimulus payment. I remind them there are different qualifications for getting paid and refer them to the post frequently asked questions for economic stimulus rebate checks.

I’m just glad that ours has arrived. We’ve already charged our hotel stay for the trip to our AmEx Blue Cash card so the payment will come due here in the next few weeks.  We have the money to cover it even if the rebate check had never arrived but now it will be easier to pay the bill since I won’t have to move money out of our ING Direct account to cover it.  Now we just have to count down the days until vacation!


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3 Responses to Economic Stimulus Rebate Payment in the Bank

  • peder hollinghurst

    we will see how well the economic stimulus package helps us later in the year. while we are getting a boost in spending confidence now, what will happen later in the year when the stimulus money is all gone.

    i have been blogging about this for the past month and i will continue my year long mission to blog about the economic stimulus package. 600 dollars divided by 365 days is a buck64aday.

    i am the help the goverment never though they would get. I am spendning my stimulus a buck64aday.

    read my story


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