Credit Card Hangover

November 5, 2006

Alcohol + Easy Credit = Big Money
Consumer credit cards are a boon for the bar industry. This realization came to me last night at a friend’s surprise birthday party at a popular watering hole. We arrived early in the evening to gather for the surprise and people-watched as customers trickled in. The vast majority of people pulled out a Visa, American Express, or MasterCard and started a tab.

No Cash, No Pain
People are usually out to have a good time and don’t want to worry about money. Using a credit card makes this easy to do. Psychologically, it’s much less painful to order a refill or another round when a person doesn’t have to plop down the cash. Particularly so when considering that drinks at most restaurants or bars are overpriced. Keeping a tab on a credit card prevents people from realizing their favorite drink costs $6.50 a pop.

Winners and Losers
Obviously this cocktail of expensive drinks, easy credit, and impaired judgment can add up to a huge bill at the end of the night. The house definitely wins on this one. I’d be interested to see a graph that compares the average amount spent on drinks for the 10 years prior to the easy availability of consumer credit cards and the 10 years following. It’s just a guess but I’d imagine spending went up considerably.

Making Others Rich
Lets say you setup a night out with 10 of your friends and everyone spends around $50, you just made someone you don’t know $500. Why not invite your friends over to your place instead and spend $100 getting food and drinks for everyone? You just increased the net worth of your friends by $500, how’s that for an easy way to make others rich? Don’t want to spend the $100 yourself? Everyone brings their own drinks; you still saved everyone a ton of money.


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