Crappiest Job Ever – Pet Waste Removal Service

September 15, 2007


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this hang tag advertisement on our door handle today.  There are actually companies that you can hire to clean up your pet’s waste! 

A Google search on pet waste removal services led me to an article from about a year ago where they called it “one of the hottest homebased pet businesses around today.”

The article points out that the initial investment is minimal and the returns can be great.  Check out the fees these guys charge, the cheapest is $50 a month.  That’s more than I pay for cable!


I don’t own a dog and agree that picking up their mess might be kind of undesirable but I don’t think I’d ever pay $50 a month to have someone else do it.  Under the “Why Choose Us” section of their website they say “Sure it’s something you could do yourself, but consider all the things you could be doing.”  Seriously, how long does it take to clean up after your dog?

If you have two dogs and they come more twice a week, you could be paying almost $100 a month for pet waste removal.  If you have more dogs, they clean more frequently, or have a big yard, the price just gets worse! That seems a lot to pay, imagine all the other things you could do with that money.  What do you think?  Do you own dogs?  Would you pay someone to clean up after them?


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4 Responses to Crappiest Job Ever – Pet Waste Removal Service

  • bluntmoney

    We have a dog, and we pay someone to do that. Why? Because we live in the land of “it’s always incredibly hot”. While we can do other yardwork at dusk with no problems, I don’t really want to be out in the semi-dark looking for doo-doo 🙂

    Plus the person we pay is my son. He gets to earn money and we get to stay in house. He doesn’t get paid $50 a month either…

  • Shon Hatfield

    There are many reasons why people outsourse this nasty chors. Little time, they have no desire to do it themselves, handicapped, own a working dog, want to give themselves a little luxury.

    40 years ago, no one but very rich people with estate lots hired a mowing service, now a days, it is very common to have someone mow your lawn each week.

    We are a luxury servce and we fill a niche with dog owners.

    The pet waste removol service is booming. Not because people are lazy, because they are busy, want to give themselves a little luxury and people have the money to do it in this great economy.

    We service pet owners across a broad spectrum of income levels. lower middle class to extremely wealthy.

    We service hundreds of weekly customers here in Kansas City. Gross revenue will excede $250,000 this year. This is with very little overhead.

    Business is great and pet owners are very glad to see us. We are not for everyone, not everyone can afford to hire us, but for those who doo, they will never go back to dooing it themselves.

    Shon Hatfield
    Stinkies Pet Waste Removal

  • kitty

    A little silly. I can almost understand hiring someone to clean the litter box if you are at a particular risk from toxoplasmosis – e.g. a single pregnant woman who’s not been exposed, or someone with compromised immune system. Surprised they haven’t come up with this idea, though. They could make up really good advertising campaign making risk out to be much greater than it actually is.

  • Kay @ Don't Mess With Taxes

    I agree with you, this is crazy. How lazy — or rich — do you have to be to hire someone to do this? Maybe I should go ask my across-the-street neighbors. They have two Chows and they have a poop scoop service show up regularly to clean up their backyard, since they never take the dogs out for walks. Of course, all of us in the neighborhood should be glad they don’t walk the dogs, since they obviously don’t want to clean up after them!