Christmas, the Season of Giving, and Giving, and Giving . . .

December 3, 2007

Christmas is the season of giving. However, it is not supposed to hurt! Giving until it hurts is not a prerequisite for celebrating the holiday. Giving should be a pleasure, not a pain.

Enjoy the spirit of giving, and stay within your means. For example, my father-in-law worked 2-3 jobs for the majority of his life. He owns rental properties, and his financial circumstances are fairly secure. He only has two grandchildren, and he is extremely generous. Can I afford to reciprocate his gifts to my children? Of course not, and I shouldn’t even try!

Knowing our financial circumstances, Grandpa does not expect extravagant gifts. He simply wants to be remembered. As a matter of fact, a framed picture of the kids is of more value than anything I could have purchased at the mall.

Likewise, you need to give within your limitations. Loved ones already know if times are tough, and shouldn’t expect you to break your piggy bank. A homemade card and some Christmas cookies can say I love you just as well as diamond earrings, depending on your attitude and the spirit in which a gift is given.

Do not give until it hurts. What is painful now can be financially fatal later. Learn how to stay within your holiday budget, and have a merrier Christmas.

What are some ways you give within financial limitations?



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3 Responses to Christmas, the Season of Giving, and Giving, and Giving . . .

  • Tina

    Wonderful ideas! I love the thought of all homemade gifts. They are so much better, no matter how much you make because they come from the heart.

    I also agree, when no money is coming in,you need to be very frugal. Even with money in the bank, you never know how long you are going to need it to pull you through the tough times.

    Thank, you

  • Terrence

    Never give when it hurts. Believe me, your loved ones will prefer it.

    This year, my girlfriend and I agreed not to give gifts this year because I was out of work. This despite the fact that I actually have a lot saved. We agreed to this because it was painful for us to think of spending money when money wasn’t coming in, no matter how much we had in the bank.

    If you really want to give gifts, a very simple token of appreciation of around $5-$10 is always appreciated. Like Susy says, handmade is even better.

  • Susy

    This year my sister & BIL were having a rough year so we decided it would be a “homemade” Christmas. Nothing but homemade gifts and there was a $10 per family limit to spend on ingredients for homemade gifts.

    It’s been fun thinking of thoughtful homemade gifts.

    I’m making my dad a quilt with all of his boyscout patches from when we was young.

    My mom, sister & grandma are getting homemade potholders with home canned organic chicken stock and a bean soup mix.

    My BIL is getting a pan of his favorite maple-nut rolls to bake on Christmas morning and my grandparents are getting a pancake gift basket.

    Our nieces are getting homemade play potholders & aprons for their play kitchen (and their easy bake).

    I think it’ll be a fun Christmas all around. And I’ve only spent $10 so far on gifts for everyone on my side of the family.

    I’m excited to see what everyone else comes up with for their homemade gifts! It’sl al