Buying a House Can Make You Cry

July 18, 2010

Buying a house can be an emotional process.  On top of trying to decide how much house you can afford you’re also attempting to predict how a new house and new neighborhood will fit into your life.  Leaving behind what you know and moving to a place with new neighbors, a new commute, a new back yard, etc can be the cause for some late night worrying.

You try and think through all the angles but you won’t really know what the new house is like until you move in and give it a try.  You ask yourself, “what if we don’t like it”?  Will we regret making the move?  The fear of the unknown can be a big stumbling block to making a decision.

The best way I know to decide is to document the pros and cons and work through them several times to try and see it from all angles.  I don’t think it’s an easy decision to make but at some point you’ll have to choose one way or the other and as long as you’ve done your research your decision will probably work out okay.

I actually took a break from thinking about buying and selling houses for a bit yesterday and browsed around some personal finance articles online.  Below are some of the ones I ran across.  There are quite a few, I was trying to clear my head of house hunting thoughts so I read for a while.  Enjoy!





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7 Responses to Buying a House Can Make You Cry

  • Ben

    @Budgeting & @Little House, glad to hear we’re not the only ones who stress out about it!

    @Dr Dean, it is the biggest financial decision in your life, unless you decide to marry a spouse with horrible spending habits….

    @Kevin leasing for a year is an interesting idea. But what if already have a house payment? Are you suggesting sell your house, then lease the new one?

  • Jerry

    I agree that buying a house can be really stressful and can lead to some serious gray hairs but I do think it’s worth it in the end. We are now renting our home we bought a few years ago and are getting enough rent to cover our mortgage, taxes and insurance. I feel grateful because we tried to sell and had to do this instead but we have renters and that’s more than most can say.

  • Little House

    Thanks for including my post in your round-up.

    Thinking about buying a house is stressful! It’s been on my mind for a while and now is sort of on hold. Putting it on hold has relieved some of the stress!

  • Kevin@OutOfYourRut

    Thanks for including my post (Should You Give Even If You’re In Debt?)!

    There’s so much involved in buying a house, and the potential for making a mistake is enormous. I often think it might be better to do a lease/purchase and live in the property for a year before closing on it, that way you can know for sure if you’ll like the house and the neighborhood before committing real money.

    Home inspections won’t reveal what you’ll see from living in the house, and the way home owners associations are, you risk moving in and finding out you can’t live with they’re rules. Some of them really are beyond ridiculous.

  • Dr Dean

    For most, a home purchase is their biggest financial decision of a lifetime. So, thinking it through is wise.

    Good luck and thanks for including me in your readings!

  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff

    Thanks for including my post!

    I cried several times during our house buying process simply due to the stress. Finding a home that’s great for you at a great price is difficult sometimes. As you said, take a break from it to clear your head once in a while or it will consume your mind, lol.


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