Budget Travel Book Winners

August 23, 2009

The budget travel tips are in and the random number generator has selected some winners!   David is giving away two copies of his book in the contest and since we had so many useful entries I’m going to ship copies to two more readers.

Here are the winners as chosen by Random.org along with their budget travel tips:


When we travel, I like to look for coupons online for attractions or museums. I’ve always been able to find coupons for a few dollars off, and sometimes you come across some really cool places to visit that you might not have seen otherwise.

Also, if you’re a AAA member, check if your hotel gives a discount and look for the AAA discount at places you visit. When we went to Niagara Falls, many of the attractions (like the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum) offered a discount to AAA members.


When flying internationally (and domestic in some cases), we always look to see if we can fly in one place and fly out of another, so that we can see as many places as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t cost anymore to do that and you get to see more.


If you’re traveling with a family (or a group for that matter), consider renting a house or apartment instead of staying in a hotel. The base price per person is often cheaper, plus you’ll have cooking (and probably laundry) facilities available.

We have rented homes on the Eastern seabord, in the UK and in France and have had great and moneysaving experiences everywhere. You can find info. on rentals from tourist boards, real estate brokers, books (there are books just about rentals in Europe) and the internet.


Pack “just in case” clothes, but not too many.

Just in case it’s cold.
Just in case it rains.
Just in case I need to go somewhere nice.

Make sure these are versatile pieces, like the “nice” outfit should be something that can be dressed up or down.

If you don’t have these just in case pieces, you’ll end up spending money to buy items you already have at home when the event arises for them.

Thanks to everyone who offered up their tips! Maybe David will need a second edition of the book to work them all in : )


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