Blockbuster Total Access – Free Two Week Trial

April 17, 2008


Update: Now you can rent DVDs online from Blockbuster for free with their one month free trial of Blockbuster Total Access.

I wrote last year about Blockbuster vs. Netflix and how we’ve watched movies for free during past summers.  Looks like Blockbuster is gearing up for the spring and summer season again, they’re offering a 2 week one month free trial of their total access service.

I found out about the trial after watching Blockbuster’s latest commercial promoting thier online video rental service.  It’s actually pretty funny, the story of a young guy who has a crush on the girl next door and cons her into a movie date by pretending to have a chick flick movie she’s been dying to see.  Of course he doesn’t really have the sappy love story on DVD so Blockbuster uses the commercial to play up the feature of their service that allows you to exchange movies you get in the mail for ones in the store.

Anyhow, I thought it was a funny advertisement, it was effective enough to get me to check out their website again.  I imagine the 2 week one month trial is only available to new members so I likely won’t qualify, I’ll try having my wife signup with our post office box address.

I really did like the way the Blockbuster online service worked and integrated with their local stores, we just haven’t had much time to watch movies as new parents.  Now that the little guy is getting older and a little more self-sufficient we may have enough free time to watch some movies this spring or summer. Unfortunately, the Blockbuster store closest to us moved to a new location not long ago so it’s not as convenient but there’s still one on the way to work where I can drop movies off.

Anyways, if you’re a movie buff you might check out the free trial and see for yourself how you like the service.  I’m always up for most anything free : )


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5 Responses to Blockbuster Total Access – Free Two Week Trial

  • Zena Wigram

    Be very careful. I tried the Blockbuster free trial and discovered that a “2 week free trial” actually means “13 days and 6 hours” – although they don’t say that anywhere on their website. They took money from my account before the end of the two weeks and are now refusing to refund me.


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