Best Hybrid Cars

December 29, 2008

The best hybrid cars were a hot topic when gas prices were above $4 a gallon and everyone wished they had a Toyota Prius. The price of a hybrid car vs. the gas savings it offered seemed like a much easier choice with ever climbing gas prices.

Gas Prices vs Car Prices

Although the cost of a gallon of gas has come back down, hybrid cars have been steadily improving and soon you’ll be able to buy one (Honda Insight 2010) for $19,000.  Despite the drop in oil prices I think people have realized that fuel economy is an important long term concern not only for individuals but for the country as a whole.

Hybrid Cars in the US

With Detroit lagging behind the rest of the automotive world when it comes to hybrid sedans, General Motors is pinning their hopes on the Chevy Volt, which won’t be available until sometime after 2009.  For now, the list of best hybrid cars contains mostly non-US car companies.

It will be interesting to see what role the US government plays in hybrid car adoption rates.  Obama’s focus on alternative energy and concern for the environment could result in more incentives for both consumers and auto-makers favor hybrid vehicles.

Best Hybrid Cars

A look at hybrid car reviews around the web seems to indicate that Toyota and Honda are still the top players in the hybrid card market.  Toyota has made the most popular hybrid to date, with people paying full price and waiting 6 months just to get a new Prius.  The 2009 Prius and the Toyota Camry Hybrid 2009 are getting good reviews and look to continue Toyota’s run.

The Honda Civic Hybrid 2009 is another one of the top picks and as mentioned above, Honda will be coming out with a new version of the Insight.  According to

“At $19,000, the 2010 Honda Insight will be the most affordable high-mpg vehicle on the market.”

In terms of price, the Saturn Aura Hybrid 2009 is comparable with the offerings from Honda and Toyota but the miles per gallon is nowhere near that of the Civic, Insight, Prius, or Camry.

Another car that recieved good marks is the Nissan Altima Hybrid 2009, with decent gas mileage and a reasonable price. However, it’s basically the same car as the Toyota hybrid since Nissan simply liscended Toyota’s hybrid technology, and it’s currently only available in eight states in the US.

Lexus has some good reviews as the best luxury hybrid maker with it’s 2008 Lexus LS 600h and 2007 Lexus GS 450h but the still only get just over 20 MPG and it seems the high cost of the cars would far outweigh any gas savings you’d realize from buying a hybrid.



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  • TStrump

    Are hybrids really cheaper?
    I’ve read that the batteries can die and the replacement cost is pretty steep.
    Also, the initial cost is quite high.