Barack Obama vs John McCain – Who Cares?

October 9, 2008

Four years ago I poured my heart into the presidential election but this year I’m ashamed to say that I am a horrible citizen.

The Political Campaigner

Last election I took time off of work to campaign for the candidate I thought would be best for the country.  I knocked on doors, made phone calls, put up yards signs, made financial donations, and attended rallies.

The Political Abstainer

I am sad to say that for me this has been the tale of two elections. I have contributed absolutely nothing towards the election process this time around. I haven’t watched debates, researched the candidate’s positions on the issues, donated money, volunteered, or even put on a lousy bumper sticker. 

What’s My Problem?

The issues now are no less important. Our country is in a bigger mess now than it was four years ago. But honestly, I’m feeling a bit discouraged with the whole process.

So despite the fact the post title that asks “Barack Obama vs John McCain – Who Cares”, let me assure you I do care who wins. I’m just weary of the wasteful grind we have to endure to get there. Elections seem kind of like a senior prom.  Everyone spends so much time and money preparing for the big night and anticipating the grand finale but they forget that shortly after it’s over they have to graduate into the real world and face real issues. 

The Morning After

Sometimes I feel like we are all a bunch of high school kids getting ready for that prom.  It doesn’t matter who is crowned prom king, who we hang out with, how hard we laugh, who we dance with, or whether our heart is broken — the following morning will always arrive much sooner than we’re ready for.

All the money we spend, the petty quarrelling about dates and plans, the anticipation, the stress — are all for naught when the sun rises the next day.

Expensive & Divisive Elections

In our elections “we the people” spend countless amounts of time, energy, and cash driving relentlessly towards a single goal of getting the most votes for our candidate.  But no matter who wins, we still have the same issues to deal with the following day, just after the country finishes spending an enormous amount of time, money, and momentum on the election.

I will still vote on Election Day, I’ll cast my ballot for the good guy; the candidate I think our country needs the most right now.  But I am feeling a little discouraged with the campaign process: the multitude of promises, the word games and number twisting, and most of all the ridiculous attacks that pop up when campaign advisors start to feel desperate.

After all of that, I needed a laugh, the video below sums up my mood pretty well and is pretty funny. Don’t worry, It’s a bi-partisan laugh, pokes fun at both parties : ) Press the play button to watch the video.

The ending resonate with me that’s how I feel about the process sometimes:

“… citizens gather from both far and near, for a ritual we practice every four years, when we promise you anything you want to hear… to win the crown we’re chasing!

We spend billions of dollars to make our points clear and to get you to step up and cast your vote here

Then we spin you around and poke you in the rear … it’s time for some campaigning!”


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3 Responses to Barack Obama vs John McCain – Who Cares?

  • Mary Ellen

    I share your opinion about Barack Obama vs John McCain – most of my friends and I don’t care – we are in our 60’s and think we have outgrown these two parties. We really have no faith or trust in anything coming out of Washington – when we were very young and our grandparents would talk about the depression and their total distrust of the government, we would roll our eyes and think “here we go again”. Now, many years later, we aren’t rolling our eyes anymore…..

  • marci

    Maybe it’s time to do away with political parties and just let the country get on with recovery. It seems like who ever offers the most give aways and promises the most fill in the pocketbook is going to win. And the USA loses in the process.

    In any case, I have my black clothes of mourning to wear as the country goes down the drain. Me? I’m debt free – country gal will survive 🙂 Thank goodness for my garden! I am pondering about turning my living room with the big east and south windows into a garden this winter… too cold outside to grow much, but there is stuff out there that will over winter.

    I don’t have TV so am not being bombarded with the political fights, nor the economic crisis. I sleep better that way 🙂 I pray for the country.


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