Are You Ready for Christmas 2008?

December 26, 2007

Have I lost all sense of reason!  Christmas 2007 is barely history, and I have the audacity to ask if you are ready for Christmas 2008!

We have spent several days talking about the stress and expense of the holiday season.  We have also shared many ideas on how to make Christmas special without having to go into months of debt and more stress.

Now, before we put the warm fuzzy feelings of the holidays and the back burner for the next eleven months, let’s revisit one more way to stretch your finances for Christmas 2008. 

The day after Christmas, the sales start. Savvy shoppers plan ahead-12 months to be exact.

My brother’s first wife started shopping for Christmas in January.  She kept a list of all the friends and family for whom she wanted to purchase gifts.  As soon as the after-Christmas sales hit, she would keep her eyes open for the perfect gift.  If spotted at a reasonable price, the purchase was squirreled away at the top of the closet until time for Christmas wrapping.

While the rest of the family is sweating Christmas purchases and affording the holiday expense, she was already done, and looking forward to the festivities.  In fact, she was usually done before the year was half gone. 

Actually, her approach to Christmas shopping can also apply to buying a different car, saving for a down-payment on a new home, buying new furniture, or affording any major purchase.

So, how do you plan for your major expenditures?



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5 Responses to Are You Ready for Christmas 2008?

  • bill

    Gift cards, what a wonderful creation. I used them to buy next years presents.

  • Susan

    I am so happy, I didn’t use credit for Christmas 2007 and it was REALLY FUN shopping this year. I even spent more than I have in years past, simply because I saved. I prefer to shop during the season because it’s the only time I really shop during the year and I want the items I buy to be new. Christmas is the luxurious time of the year for me to spend on my children and other loved ones. I’m pretty sedate the rest of the year with regards to an outlay of expenditures but I totally get into the season with my special savings.

  • Jeremie B

    I bought all my gifts online at 2:10AM Christmas morning. All gift cards. Ah, I can’t wait till next Christmas now.

  • Tina

    Wow! That must be a record!

  • Susy

    True True. I already have most of my gifts bought for Christmas 2008. I bought them this morning, and some earlier this month.