Angies List Coupon Code Referral

February 27, 2010

Angies List is celebrating their 15th year online and is offering a coupon code that can earn you some cash and save your friends some money as well.

If you’ve never heard of the service, a while back I wrote up an Angies List review and also list some angies list coupon codes you can use to get a discount on the service. I’m a member and actually used it not long ago when our dishwasher stopped working and flooded with water one night. The service helped me find a good local appliance place to get the dishwasher taken care of right away. I haven’t written about it on the site yet but I did tell some friends and co-workers about the incident.

Which brings me back to the anniversary deal that they’re offering. If you’re a member of the site, you can use their referral form (shown below) to tell your friends about this Angies List promotion.

If they sign up for Angies List with the coupon code CELEBRATE then they’ll save 15% off of their membership. You could just email them directly but if you use the referral form that I showed you above, you’ll also get $15 if they decide to become a member.

Angies List Referrals

I wouldn’t email everyone in your address book about it because most people probably wouldn’t care and might get irritated with you clogging up their inbox. I’d only use it if you have a few people you think might be interested.

For example, as I mentioned earlier, I talked about my recent dishwasher experience on Angies List with several friends and co-workers. A few of them sounded interested in seeing if there was a free trial or discount they could use to try it out for themselves.

Angies List Promotion

So to recap. If you’re a member you can earn $15 for each person you refer; the link is on the site under the “Member Resources” menu and is called “Invite a Friend”.

If you’re not a member and want to give it a try, you can get a discount with the angies list coupon code CELEBRATE. The promotion is only for a limited time, if the promo code has expired by the time you read this then check out the other angies list coupon codes.


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