9 Mistakes People Make with their IRA

January 29, 2010

People make a lot of mistakes when it comes to IRA and 401(k)-related decisions. And I can’t blame them. The tax code is obscenely complex. That said, there’s no need for you to make these mistakes. 1. Converting to a Roth when it makes no sense Just because you can convert your traditional IRA to […]

The Cost of Sick Kids

January 28, 2010

Our family has spent most of the last two weeks with some form of head cold or stomach bug.  It all seems to start at daycare when our son gets sneezed on by another kid or our baby girl chews on a toy after a sick baby. One of them brings home the germs and […]

Mike Piper at ObliviousInvestor.com

January 26, 2010

Mike is a twenty-something guy who writes about investing over at Oblivious Investor.  Oblivious Investor is the term he uses to describe people who block out all the noise surrounding investing and focus on the things which are important. It’s Mike’s belief that most of what the media tells people about investing is irrelevant. I […]

TurboTax Online Edition

January 25, 2010

Did you know TurboTax online editions offer the same functionality that the desktop versions of the tax software provide?  I wasn’t aware of this until my recent chat with Bob Meighan, chief customer advocate for Turbo Tax.  Last time I covered our conversation on the benefits of tax preparation software, who TurboTax is for and […]

TurboTax Software vs Manual Income Tax Returns

January 22, 2010

TurboTax vice president, Bob Meighan is back again today to talk about the benefits of tax preparation, who TurboTax is and isn’t for, and when people tend to do their income tax return. In the first segment we covered Bob’s role as consumer advocate for TurboTax and what types of tax questions are troubling customers […]

TurboTax Software Inside Edition

January 21, 2010

TurboTax vice president, Bob Meighan, gave me a few minutes of his time recently to talk about the Turbo Tax product and what goes on behind the scenes to make the tax preparation software as smart as it is. Bob’s the vice president of consumer advocacy for TurboTax and has worked at Intuit since 1991 […]

Tax Return Deadlines

January 20, 2010

Tax return deadlines aren’t flexible so here’s a list of dates to keep in mind as you gather receipts and determine deductions for 2009 and 2010. December 31, 2009 This is the deadline for making expenditures which can be deducted from your 2009 tax return, payments such as mortgage interest and charitable donations. January 2010 Businesses are […]

2009 Federal Tax Brackets

January 19, 2010

The 2009 federal tax brackets were released last April but here’s a reminder of where you stand when filing your federal income tax return. The tax bracket you end up in depends on the amount of your total taxable income; including pension plans or additional sources of income. For example, if you are married filing […]

Capital Gains Tax Q&A

January 18, 2010

What is capital gains tax and what types of financial events trigger the capital gains tax? Simply stated capital gains tax is the annual tax that is charged to both individuals as well as corporate entities, on the profits of the sale of investments and assets

Federal Tax Forms Overview

January 17, 2010

January is the time of year when you begin receiving vital federal tax forms in the mail. You’re probably familiar with the tax forms you receive documenting your income; the forms vary depending on if you are self-employed, employed as a private contractor or sub-contractor, or if you work directly with one specific employer. Today […]

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