Financial Confession – I’m a Bad Tipper

February 27, 2009

I think we all have financial confessions to make, little things we do with our money that aren’t so smart or that we’re not proud of.  The thing is, no one else really knows about our “dirty little secrets” so we’re not accountable to anyone to change our bad habits. To help keep me honest […]

Job Search – Find a Freelance Job

February 26, 2009

If you’ve been laid off, your hours have been cut back, or you are simply making a job change due to relocating to a different city you’re probably looking for a way to make some extra money right away. Picking up freelance jobs in the industry where you have the most expertise can lead to […]

Job Search: Find a Job With a New Degree, Certification, Or License

February 25, 2009

Finding a job in your industry is easier when you have a personal brand that can serve as an online resume and a place to document your expertise.  But what happens when the industry you’re in goes into decline, suffers massive layoffs, and there simply aren’t many jobs to go around?  Could it be time to […]

Is Opportunity Passing You By?

February 24, 2009

When I wrote about my grandfather’s legacy last year I mentioned that people will always remember him for his jokes.  Every time I saw Grandpop he had a joke to tell, I can’t remember them all but one of them came to mind this week and I wanted to share it with you.  A woman was […]

Quickbooks Software Makes Accounting Easier

February 23, 2009

QuickBooks is small business accounting software, made by Intuit, the same company that created the user friendly tax software, TurboTax.  QuickBooks has made my life much easier over the past week as I’ve gathered the business finance records for our accountant.  Quickbooks Accounting Software I neglected recording our business income and expenses throughout the year so […]

What Will the Recession Mean for My Kids?

February 21, 2009

My poor kids, they will be paying off our debts for their whole lives. Penelope Trunk recently had some interesting commentary on how different generations view the sad state of the economy: The baby boomers got us into this mess. They borrowed against future generations. They mishandled SEC regulations. They ignored the environment. They set […]

Job Searches Are Easier When You Have a Personal Brand

February 19, 2009

Job searching is easier if you begin by building an online profile and resume that you can refer people back to anytime you’re discussing a potential job with them. The good news is that today’s technology makes it simple enough for most anyone that can use a computer to be able to publish their own […]

Job Searching – Find A Job By Building Your Personal Brand

February 18, 2009

Technology is changing, the workforce is changing, traditional career paths are changing, and you need to be constantly changing if you want to succeed in today’s job market. Today is a rough time to be looking for looking for a job or starting a new business. The unemployment rate is over 7%, banks aren’t lending […]

Preparing for a Layoff – Job Tips for Staying Employed in a Recession

February 17, 2009

Are you worried about losing your job?  With more mass layoffs being announced weekly in a cost cutting trend that started last fall, I know a lot of people that either lost their job or are in fear of getting a pink slip. Fear of the Layoff One of the stressful things about layoffs like these […]

Valentine’s Day Flowers a Rip Off?

February 14, 2009

“Roses on Valentine’s day are such a scam”, said the guy behind me into his cell phone as we waited in line to buy flowers the day before Valentines day.  “1800flowers, ProFlowers, FTD, Teleflora, they all rip you off.. I couldn’t find cheap flowers for Valentines day anywhere.  Whether its flowers online or in a flower […]

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