Is Opportunity Passing You By?

February 24, 2009

When I wrote about my grandfather’s legacy last year I mentioned that people will always remember him for his jokes.  Every time I saw Grandpop he had a joke to tell, I can’t remember them all but one of them came to mind this week and I wanted to share it with you. 

A woman was trapped on the roof of her house as the flood waters rose and she knelt in prayer to ask for help.  Not long afterwards the family down the street pulled up in a canoe and offered to make room for her in the back.  “No thanks”, she said, “I don’t need a ride, God is going to rescue me”. 


The canoe pushed off and made their way to safety; shortly after the police showed up in a big motorized rubber raft. “Thank you so much for coming but I don’t need to be rescued, God is going to save me”, she said. 


Hours later, with the water almost covering the whole roof, a helicopter lowered a rope to pull the women to safety.  She waved the helicopter away yelling, “I said a prayer, God will save me”. 


Sadly, the water continued to rise and after the women was swept into the flood and drowned, she made her way up to heaven.  “God, why didn’t you save me?”, she asked.  God patted her on the head and smiled saying, “I sent a canoe, a boat, and a helicopter.. what else did you want?”

To put the joke in context my grandfather was a very religious man.  He was a very devout Christian and gave a lot of his life to helping others, so the joke isn’t meant to poke fun at those who have faith in a higher power. 

Rather, the message is that help or opportunity doesn’t always come in the form we’re expecting.  She was looking for a divine wind to sweep her up to safety so she totally missed her chances to survive.  I think all of us are hoping or praying for something, especially in these turbulent times, so make sure you keep your eyes open.  Help or opportunity won’t always come in the form that you’re expecting : )

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