Following the Herd in Times of Money Trouble

November 30, 2006

When everyone else is nervous, are you? Herd Mentality Although we pride ourselves on being individuals and unique thinkers, when trouble looms, the herd mentality often kicks in. This can cause us to do crazy things, especially with our money. Storm on the Horizon? Everyone at work was on edge yesterday as the first winter […]

Four Strategies for Lowering Your Health Care Costs this Cold Season

November 28, 2006

How much time and money did you lose last year because of a winter bug? Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again; use these four simple suggestions to keep your body healthy and your wallet fat. Prevention 1) Get Your Flu Shot A recent Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc survey estimates that 15 million […]

How to Save Money on Your Christmas Tree

November 26, 2006

What Thanksgiving traditions does your family have? One of our favorites is bringing home and trimming the Christmas tree Friday after turkey day. Although we have always used a live tree, I couldn’t help listing the ways we could save money having an artificial one instead: 1) Save gas money I’m no Clark Griswold; we […]

Finding a Save / Spend Balance that Works for You

November 26, 2006

I agree with a recent Blunt Money post, arguing that although many of us tend to see spending and saving money as mutually exclusive, they are not. Live for Today, Spend for Tomorrow I like to live by the rule, “Live for today, spend for tomorrow”. Enjoy the here and now but when you’re spending, […]

Is Your Investment Portfolio a One Man Team?

November 24, 2006

What would happen to your portfolio if your star player was injured? For some teams the loss of a super star may mean the end of winning season. Just think about how you feel when your team’s all star player doesn’t get up after a nasty collision. You and the rest of the fans hold […]

You Don’t Have to be Donald Trump to Count Your Money Blessings

November 22, 2006

Since Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our blessings in life, I came up with a list of my money blessings. In no particular order, these are items that have contributed to my progress in having a money smart life: 1) Money Mentors Thanks to my parents and grandparents who taught me the value […]

How to Turn Your Time into Money at Work

November 21, 2006

How can we most effectively use our time to maximize our income? Time Is Money When you’re at work, every minute that goes by is costing your employer money. In return, they expect productivity; they expect you to generate value for them. If you work for yourself, you want every minute you spend to be […]

What Wesabe Learned from Google Adsense

November 19, 2006

What will be the most useful tool on Wesabe? I predict it will be context sensitive financial tips. Personalized Advice A person could spend 24 hours a day reading financial advice on the Internet and never get through it all. What we need to make our financial decisions more quickly and effectively is information targeted […]

Would Teachers Be Better Off Paying Social Security Taxes?

November 19, 2006

Zero Social Security Tax! How would like to open your paycheck and see zero Social Security withheld? Well you can, become a school teacher! I couldn’t believe it when a teacher friend told me she didn’t pay into Social Security. Instead of paying 6.2% of her salary for FICA, she pays 11.5% into a public […]

So, Why Aren’t You Saving For Retirement?

November 18, 2006

Is this a question? Or is it statement, a challenge, a call to action? If you’re married or have a significant other you may be familiar with what I’ve termed the “assumed question”. Phrased as a question, it actually interprets to a statement, request, or expectation that assumes action will follow. What does this have […]

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