Making Yourself Rich

September 28, 2006

What is Rich? To some people, being rich is a dollar amount in a bank. To others being rich is about having security, not having to worry. Accumulating possessions and property equates to being rich for some. Others feel being rich is all about the lifestyle you lead. In my opinion, how you live your […]

Making Others Rich

September 26, 2006

We spend most of our time making other people rich. Below are four simple examples that illustrate how we make other people we’ll never even know rich in our daily lives: 1) We roll out of bed when the alarm goes off at dark o clock. While we’re sleeping we’ve been paying for the roof […]

Financial Education

September 17, 2006

What You Don’t Learn in School One of the things I find most troubling about our society is the lack of financial education in schools. While math, science, and English are required learning, personal finance courses are either not available or not required. Blueprint for Trouble The travesty is we prepare our youth to be […]

Welcome to a Money Smart Life

September 13, 2006

This site will document a journey that many of us are on, a search for a Money Smart Life. You can read my story and the motivation behind this site on the My Story page. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide to others on a journey similar to mine. Thanks for reading!