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July 6, 2008

The time has come.  I’ve decided to shut down the site and spend my evenings vegging in front of the television.  Just kidding, I’d go absolutely crazy if I didn’t have something productive to keep me busy! 

Planning for Success
Speaking of busy, I’ve been debating for a while now the best way to keep the content flowing on the site while meeting my obligations at my job, spending time with my family, and pursuing my goal of quitting my day job

I’ve gotten some great emails full of advice from Darren “Problogger” Rowse and The Money Writers and had some good conversations with friends and family on the topic.  Thanks to their feedback a plan has been forming over the last several weeks and I’ve found a great way to get some help on the site.

Writer Auditions
In the coming week or two there will be several people auditioning for a writer’s spot on Money Smart Life.  I alluded to this process last week when I mentioned that your opinion and readership is what keeps this site going.  I’ve gone through a careful interview process to choose some quality writers, the decision tool I wrote about came in quite handy when analyzing the writer candidates.

Reader Opinions
As I already mentioned I want your opinion on the future of the site, so I’m going to be asking you for feedback on the candidates.  They’re each currently working on a series of articles that will be published here in the near future and I’m looking to you to help me choose your favorites.

We’re not starting the “write-off” right away. Not all of the details are ironed out yet, I just wanted to let you know what’s coming up.  They’re all smart and interesting people so I look forward to reading what they have to say and hearing what you think!  Stay tuned, I’ll keep you informed as the audition progresses.

Weekly Post Round-Up
Speaking of article reviews, here are some of the ones I enjoyed this week.

– The Digerati Life tells us how we can lose weight while spending less on food & exercise.

– My Dollar Plan offers 7 ways to payoff credit card debt.

– Suns Financial Diary talks about what qualifies as a bear market.

– Brip Blap asks if the government will raid Roth IRAs?

– Lazy Man & Money questions the example of giving a $1225 Baby’s First Bunny Bank.

– Million Dollar Journey looks at disability insurance.

– Gen X Finance reminds us to review our financial goals and progress.

From the Money Blog Network
– Mighty Bargain Hunter offers some neat eBay tricks for buyers.

– No Credit Needed lists 5 free ways to reduce your debt.

– Free Money Finance looks at whether the government is fibbing about inflation.

– Consumerism Commentary reminds investors not to follow the crowd.

– Gas prices, gas prices. Five Cent Nickel offers more gas saving tips and All Financial Matters talks about lowering oil prices.

From the Blogosphere
– Blueprint for Financial Prosperity explains how you can use target retirement funds for short-term goals, I discussed something along the same lines, investing in your kid with lifecycle funds.

– The Simple Dollar lists 7 websites that saved him money last week.

– My Money Blog let us know about a free movie ticket giveaway.

– Frugal Dad asks a good question, who is responsible for your misery?

– Thanks to Greener Pastures for including my post about saving money on gas in the Carnival of Personal Finance.


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