Tax Software & Tax Forms for Your Tax Return

March 3, 2009

Tax software is flying off the shelves these days as people starting preparing their 2008 tax returns and discovering how much money they owe or might get back. I got a good visual of this when I was at the post office last weekend and met a guy who sells Turbo Tax and Tax Cut on eBay, he was mailing out 70 boxes of Turbo Tax software just that day!

To help you prepare for tax season, we put together some tax posts back in January, one of which was a list of common tax forms you’ll need to have to do your taxes.  You should have already received all or most of them in the mail, make sure you keep them together so you have easy acccess to them when you sit down to prepare your tax return.

One big question people ask is what type of tax deductions tax credits they qualify for so we took a look at some common tax credits and also the federal tax brackets and how they affect what you owe.

In terms of filing your taxes, we covered how some people can file taxes for free using free eFile.  We also had an article on tax preparation services like H&R Block and Liberty Tax and whether they’re right for you. 

If you’ll be preparing your taxes yourself, we had a review of some of the best tax software and also included a Turbo Tax review.

Hopefully you find some good tax tips in this collection of articles, good luck doing your taxes!


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