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January 27, 2008

I was a little hasty in announcing free money for all earlier in the week, I guess I’ve forgotten my classes on US government.  The tax rebate was passed by the House of Representatives but still has to make it through the Senate, where it may see some changes.

Anyhow, the economy, how to stimulate growth, and avoid a recession are all over the news this week so I thought I’d share some thoughts from around the blogosphere:

-Suns Financial Diary asks What’s Your Top Concern in Case of a Recession? and Generation X Finance wants your thoughts on whether an Economic Stimulus Package Will Help the Markets/Economy?

-The Digerati Life takes a look at how the falling dollar has made US companies a good buy around the world.

-Free Money Finance has some tips on What to Do with Your Economic Stimulus Check

-No Credit Needed looks at the Tax Rebate And Economic Stimulus Plan – What Will You Do With Your $300 – $1200 Check?

–Five Cent Nickel covers the Tax Rebate Details Announcement and has a Tax Rebate Followup

-Blueprint for Financial Prosperity talks about Getting Your Tax Stimulus Check and offers the 2008 Tax Rebate Stimulus Package Explained

The Simple Dollar and My Money Blog both take a look at what the recent changes mean to you with: The Fed Cuts Rates – What Does That Mean For Me and Stimulus Package – What Does It Mean For You?

In other news, the Mighty Bargain Hunter discusses the low-fat latte factor and Lazy Man & Money covers the latest peer to peer lending articles.


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