Personal Finance Review – The Car is Dead Edition

July 28, 2008

I spent a good part of this week with my car in the shop. Since it’s a used Cadillac the entire front end pretty much has to be torn off any time we need to repair something, and that’s frustrating for me since I am used to doing my own repairs whenever possible.

This time it was the alternator, and we spent a whopping $600 to get it repaired. I spent the rest of the week being thankful for my emergency fund. Having some money tucked away in savings kept me from having to use credit to pay the bill. That was one bright lining in an otherwise stressful week.

Do you actively put money into an emergency fund? Has it ever helped you out like it did me this week?

Writer Auditions

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Money Articles Review

There were some incredible personal finance posts around the web this week. Here’s a few that I loved from The Money Writers.

  • Frugal Trader over at Million Dollar Journey wonders if we are hitting peak oil, or if we are just in a bubble. This is a really neat take on a hot topic – and he gets to play devil’s advocate from both sides. Don’t miss it!

  • Madison over @ My Dollar Plan is going to quit her day job! She’s getting to experience early retirement, more time with her family, and all in all I’m green with envy. Congratulations Madison!

  • Jeremy @ Generation X Finances put together a list of the 12 Money Mistakes Most People Make. I have to admit I’m guilty of at least two of these things: Lack of goals and lack of estate planning… How about you?

  • Silicon Valley Blogger @ The Digerati Life has an interesting Immigration Story this week. She makes an excellent point about how economics and finances shape our families.

  • Steve over @ Brip Blap wonders if you are a big picture person or a small picture person?

  • Lazy Man and Money has 35 Tips to Save on Gas. There were some really good tips in this list. I’m going to print it out and keep it handy.

  • Sun @ The Sun’s Financial Diary shows us how Google can help us with our budgets!

Here are some of the highlights from the Money Blog Network:


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