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March 15, 2009

The financial crisis is affecting not just you and I but people all around the world.  This week we’ll look at an international view on personal finances from Plonkee Money. Unlike the other financial sites we’ve featured in the past she doesn’t write from the US, she lives across the ocean in England.

International Finances

Differing points of view are why I enjoy the personal finance blogging community so much; for example, here she suggests a few things that Obama could learn from Britain.

It’s interesting to read about how different countries handle financial issues differently, such as British taxes vs US taxes and her comparison of expenses in the US and England. 

Who is Plonkee?

From her about page, Plonkee is a young, single woman in her twenties who is a homeowner and has a day job she enjoys.  She’s passionate about music, blogging, and being English : )

Plonkee’s blogging style takes a common sense approach to personal finance and she is a great story teller. If you’d like to read more from Plonkee you can subscribe to her feed or follow her on Twitter.

Some Highlights at Plonkee Money

  1. Realizing your dreams in your middle age
  2. The First Financial Piece of Advice She Received
  3. Answering the proverbial question, “What should I do with the rest of my life?”

Money Articles

Here are some money articles I enjoyed from around the web this week, hope you find some of them valuable.

I’ll start off with a valuable article from Erica Douglass that can save you time, money, and tears.

“if you can’t afford to lose what’s on your computer, back it up yourself and check regularly to make sure you can restore files”

Trent from the Simple Dollar has a step-by-step guide to getting your credt card interest rates reduced.

Money Writers

-The Digerati Life explains how she organizes her tax documents

-Gen X Finance shows explains how to invest in yourself

-Lazy Man asks us if we are willing to sacrifice the little things to retire early.

-Brip Blap tells a story about helping others and giving without the expectation of getting something back.

-My Dollar Plan outlines personal finance from A to Z

-Million Dollar Journey explains the Great Homeowner Bailout

-Frugal Dad shows us how to simplify our personal finances

-The Sun’s Financial Diary questions if the stock market is similar to a political tracking poll, as suggested by our president.

Money Blog Network

-No Credit Needed guides us through feeling overwhelmed to feeling in control of our money.

-Free Money Finances has a comprehensive review of Tax Cut 2009

-Mighty Bargain Hunter find a mighty bargain on gift cards.

Money Scribes

-Consumerism Commentary has a great introduction to traditional vs. ROTH IRA’s.

-Five Cent Nickel has five tips for dealing with job loss.

-Blueprint for Financial Prosperity warns us to watch out for stimulus check scams

-Get Rich Slowly gives a compelling argument about why you shouldn’t keep a mortgage just for the tax deduction. It’s great to know that SOME people think like me!



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