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January 2, 2007

You could find out not only what your favorite bloggers are reading but also what they think of it if only they used a cool tool called coComment!

The Comment is the Blogosphere
Okay, without blog posts there could be no comments, but without comments, how do you know anyone is reading your stuff and what value it is bringing to them? coComment lets you track the comments you leave on other blogs and then list them on your own blog so your readers can see what you’re reading and your thoughts.

End of the Link Dump?
Think of it. You wouldn’t have to take the time to aggregate and summarize your favorite reads of the day. If you enjoy a blog post, leave a comment, tag it with coComment, and your readers will take note. Of course you wouldn’t get a coveted link from an A-lister but if you write good stuff I imagine the comments will keep coming. The traffic they bring should result in links a plenty.

Boon for Comments
As a new blogger I’ve learned that a large part of it is reading other people’s stuff. I’m often disheartened when hours of reading and commenting on blogs has passed and I have no new content on my site! Now with coComment I can interact in the blogosphere while feeding my blog at the same time. Maybe people that use coComment will be more likely to take the time to add their thoughts to the blogosphere.

Blogroll 2.0
It seems to me that a blogroll is “so web 1.0” and that coComment is sort of a Blogroll 2.0. Instead of a static list of links, you provide a dynamic directory of what you read. Specific recommendations of a certain post on a certain site and what you think of it seems to add much more value to your readers and the blogging community.

Leave a Comment
I’m sure as a new blogger, there is something I’ve overlooked or oversimplified in my analysis of how coComment could change the way we blog. If that’s the case, leave me a comment and let me know.

Check It Out
See the bottom of my right sidebar for an example of coComment in action. Given the nature of this post I should probably move it to a more prominent position but it’s the middle of the night and I don’t want to break my blog theme right before you let everyone know about this great article!


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