Groupon Deals

Groupon deals are available in most major US cities and offer daily local deals on a wide variety of products and services in your area. This map of Groupon deals below is one way you can keep track of what discounts are available close to you.

Group buying sites like Groupon keep you up to date on the latest offers by sending you an email every time a new deal is available. While it’s nice to know what the most recent discounts are, all those emails can overwhelm your inbox. Some people automatically have any emails from Groupon categorized and sent to a separate Groupon folder that they check every day. I know other people who setup a separate email account just for local deals and have all their Groupon emails sent to that address.

This Groupon deal map is another way for you to keep tabs on local deals in your area. If you live in a place where several Groupon cities are close by, like Fort Worth and Dallas or on the California coast, you can keep your eye on all the sales in cities close by. Or you can just check in on the Groupon city closest to you.

The map is organized by geographic region, use the drop down menu below the map to choose which region you’re interested in. Then just click on the Groupon icon over your city and you’ll see a list of the most recent deals. You can click on the More text to see a summary of the deal or you can click the link to go to the Groupon site and get all the information about the deal. Happy deal hunting!

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