Earth Day 2009 – 8 Ways to Save the Environment from Your Cubicle

April 22, 2009

Many of us spend the majority of our day at work so here are a few tips on how you can celebrate Earth Day every day while slaving away in your cubicle.

Reduce Waste

1) Use a ceramic or travel coffee mug rather than a Styrofoam or paper cup.

2) If you’re eating something other than a sandwich for lunch, use a non-disposable plate and silverware. It doesn’t take long to wash them, and you won’t have to throw away anything afterward.

3) Make sure to recycle used printer cartridges. If you’re not sure where to take them, visit

Reduce Emissions

4) Bring your lunch to work or walk to a nearby restaurant instead of driving. Find restaurants near your office by using Google Maps. Simply enter your zip code or address, then click “Search nearby” in the dialog box. You can type in “food” or “restaurant” in the field at the top to see what options are near you.

5) When off site arranging meetings, try teleconferencing instead of meeting face-to-face.

Conserve Paper

6) Think before you print. Use electronic documents when possible and try reading, editing and storing your files electronically.

7) When necessary, print double-sided documents. Reuse paper that’s only been printed on one side, and recycle unusable paper.

Conserve Power

8 ) Turn off your monitor if you will be away from your desk for more than 30 minutes, and turn off your computer when you leave for the day.

Earn Money with Green Ideas?

Many businesses these days are looking to save money with “green initiatives”.  If your company offers rewards for employee ideas that help the company profitability you might be able to make a little money by coming up with other ways your company could go green.

Happy Earth Day!


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