5 Career Moves that Will Earn You More Money

August 23, 2013

careermovesIf you’re looking to super-charge your career, opening the door to more money, it makes sense to improve yourself. If you want to boost your career – and your income – here are some moves that can help:

1. Read a relevant book.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to read a relevant book. An autobiography or biography of someone you admire can give you pointers on how to conduct yourself. You can also read a book related to your industry to gain deeper knowledge of your career field. No matter what you’re doing, there is probably a book on the subject, and reading it can provide you with insight and knowledge that you can apply to your career.

2. Develop interpersonal skills.

I’m a little awkward when you meet me in person. I generally express myself better in writing than I do over the phone or face-to-face. Since I work online, this doesn’t matter as much. What’s most important is that I continue developing my writing skills.

Think about your own career field. What interpersonal skills should you have in order to succeed? Good oral and written communication skills can help you advance in almost any career. The ability to network with others, and talk to them comfortably, can also help. Presentation skills and speaking ability can also help. Developing these skills can help you articulate your value better during salary negotiations and when you ask for a raise.

From developing confidence to learning to listen effectively, the interpersonal skills you develop can help you get ahead in your career, leading to higher-paying positions.

3. Work with a mentor.

A mentor can help you learn “insider” tricks to advancing in your career and earning more money. Your mentor has already been there – and can help you learn how to get there as well. Look for someone who can provide you with helpful advice and information about your career field. Even if all you do is take your mentor out to lunch (your treat!) and pick their brain for a couple of hours, you can leverage that into better career opportunities. Make sure to thank your mentor for their help.

4. Update your resume and cover letter regularly.

Rather than waiting until the last second to update your resume and cover letter, make sure you do it regularly. My husband updates his curriculum vitae every few months so that he’s not struggling to remember everything he’s done in the last year or two. Instead, when he completes a new project, he goes into the vitae and makes changes.

Updating your resume regularly can ensure that all of your latest accomplishments are included, and that you have time to tweak it a little bit. You don’t want a rush job, especially if you are asked to bring your resume into a meeting with your boss when you’re looking for a promotion or raise. Your resume can be a cheat sheet as you share your accomplishments.

5. Develop marketable skills.

Don’t forget to develop marketable skills. Look at your career field, and recognize what is most valued. If you need a particular certification to move to the next level, or if a degree is required for you to apply for a better job at a new company, do what you need to do. Develop the skills that are most marketable in your career field and for the position and pay you aspire to.

What are some of your tips for earning more money? What career moves have you made that have paid off?


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