Can a Working Vacation Be Better Than a Relaxing Vacation?

February 19, 2008

Every time you go away on vacation you spend weeks and months beforehand looking forward to the big trip.  The anticipation reaches a peak the night before you leave and the next day you’re off in a flurry of fun. 

Unfortunately, all vacations come to an end. Inevitably, you come back to the grind and get a little down and out to be back to work.  Suddenly you’re typing away in your cube when just the day before you were at the beach or in the mountains. Right away you start mapping out your next big trip in your head.

Does this mental cycle of anticipation, crescendo, and crash sound familiar to you?  It’s something I go through every trip but I’m hoping the next one will be different. I’m heading out pretty soon for a “working vacation”, a trip to a conference that is a step in my plan for quitting my job.

Although I’ll definitively be thinking about “work” on my trip, I’m actually looking forward to it more than I would a week on the beach.  I’m going to be learning new things and forming new relationships that will benefit me long after the trip is over.

When I return, I’ll be happy to be back, excited to put my new knowledge to the test. I’ll look forward to the first night I’m home when I can start to apply what I’ve learned, rather than having to daydream for about the next chance I’ll have for vacation many months away. I must say, I’m rather looking forward to my “working vacation”!

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