Build Your Legacy

legacysunsetWhat is it about you and I that makes us wait for tragedy to strike before we realize things are missing in our life?

We take things for granted until they’re gone or threatened, and then it may be too late.

Why do we do this? We get so caught up in the daily challenges of life that we settle into a pattern or cycle and it takes a lot to break us out of that.

Why does it have to be something bad that wakes us up or opens our eyes?

I’ve been asking myself that question ever since I went through my own big life scare.  I remember lying in pain on the couch and watching my kids, worried that I wouldn’t be able to see them grow up. Thinking about all the things I still needed to teach them. Regretting all the hours of my life I had wasted doing meaningless things instead of experiencing life with them and building a legacy for them to remember me by and turn to when I was gone.

It was a terrible feeling and I don’t want you to suffer through those thoughts and regrets. To help you avoid it I’ve been working on a few things, here’s the first one – “5 Simple Ways to Start Building Your Legacy Today”.  

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