Profiting from a Non-Profit. Ethical or Rotten?

February 18, 2007

Is it wrong to make a profit off of the Girl Scouts? I don’t think so. Read on before you disagree with me. We Are Suckers My wife and I don’t eat Girl Scout cookies but we buy them from the neighbor girls when they come knocking on our door. I think I inherited this […]

Increase Your Tax Deductions, Don’t Give Cash at Church

January 15, 2007

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 gives the IRS the authority to disallow deductions of undocumented cash gifts to charities, including church offerings. If you put cash into the collection plate you can no longer write it off on your taxes. Document Your Donations Instead of putting dollars or coins into the offering plate, write […]

Act Now and Double Your Charity Donations for Half Price

December 22, 2006

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could donate $100 to your favorite charity and have them get a check for $200? Matching Gift Program Some corporations have a matching gift program where they will match their employee’s charitable donation dollar for dollar. You can search to see if your employer has such a program. […]

Simple Strategies for Donating As You Shop

November 7, 2006

Do you ever feel guilty spending tons of cash on Christmas presents, knowing there are many people in the world that could use that money to improve their situation in life? I know I do. With the upcoming holiday shopping season, Smart Money magazine reviewed several ways we can donate to a good cause while […]

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