4-Hour Work Week – A New Way of Valuing Your Income

May 2, 2007

Warning: Do Not Read This Book Unless You Want to Quit Your Job I knew I was in trouble when I read this on the back cover of the 4 – Hour Work Week. I’ve been beat up with high stress and long hours at work the last few weeks so quitting is a tempting […]

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

April 24, 2007

Someone else’s speeding ticket might make my dreams come true. Escaping the Cubicle I was reading about Trent’s speeding ticket late last night when I saw an ad for a new book Timothy Ferriss, the 4 – Hour Work Week. The title of this newly released book makes some promises that sound intriguing. Escaping the […]

Three New Personal Finance Books for Kids, Teens, and Generation X

January 1, 2007

In a recent article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Eileen Alt Powell covers three new books that can help younger generations get off to a good start with their money. High School Money Book by Don Silver “I want them to start thinking about money — to make conscious decisions for spending, saving and investing […]

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