Angies List Contractor Service Follow Up

August 19, 2009

Angies List called me up yesterday to follow up on the contractors that I’d been searching for.  When you signup for Angies List you set in your profile what contractors you’re looking to hire and they wanted to get my feedback on the company that I’d worked with.  What kind of experience I had, was I pleased with the service, etc.

I didn’t know Angies List staff followed up with members to capture their feedback on contractors but I’m glad they do.  I can see how people that have bad experiences with a contractor might be quick to lead negative comments but someone that had a good experience might just get busy and forget to rate their provider after the work is done.  Since the main value of the service is to capture input from all it’s members, I think it’s great that they follow up with us.

Contractor Searches

They also asked questions about the different aspects of membership that I was using and I learned of some features I wasn’t aware of.  In my Angies List review I wrote mainly about the features of the website for searching and screening the list of local contractors.  It turns out members can also just call into the service and ask for information on a certain type of provider and the operator will search the feedback database and make some suggestions for you. 

I’ve never used this feature before but I suppose it could come in handy if you were away from your computer and needed quick information about a company.  Maybe if you were out and about and had car trouble and wanted to lookup a car repair company before having them work on your vehicle. You can also email in the type of contractor you’re looking for and Angies List will respond with some of the best, highly rated matches from their member database.

Angies List Magazine

They also asked for feedback about the magazine, which I have been getting and reading.  It’s a monthly magazine that you get with your subscription that I’ve browsed through each month.  It has a lot of coupons from local contractors, which I haven’t made use of yet, but also a few articles on consumer services. 

One of the good tips I picked up was from an article that looked at companies that will fix your broken or damaged iPod, iPhone, or Zune.  I guess I didn’t realize these type of companies existed, it makes sense that they do.  I figured you had to either work with the manufacturer or buy a new one, these gadget repair companies could be a better alternative.

I mentioned the gadget repair article to one of my co-workers and we got to talking about the Angies List magazine and membership.  He had had some water coming into his basement and was going to checkout the service to research some companies that could help him out.  I let him know he should use an Angies List promotion code if he was going to try it out, and get a discount on the service.


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