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“30 Wealth Destroying Money Mistakes”


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276 Responses to Welcome to the Club!

  • Joyce

    Am a single mother of one, am a business woman and I have failed to reach the turnover. How can I manage my expenses and my business. Thanx.

  • Kim

    I have no debt, thank goodness, but am nearing 60 and have very little savings for retirement. As I tell my husband, we’re just going to have to work forever! :-( I am afraid of risk, so my 401k is not even invested – it’s just sitting there, and I don’t trust the professionals I’ve met either. Loved the first 10 mistakes!

  • Laurasa

    I find myself in a situation that I feel is negative based on the amount of debt I have put myself in. I would like to make behavioral changes that will create a positive financial outcome over time. Any attempt at saving has been thwarted one way or another, so I am starting from the base and going through the motions the correct way. Yoda stated, “Try not. Do, or do not, there is no try.”

  • Bess

    I’m retiring soon, and need as much information as I can get to use my money in a smart way.
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Shahie Bregondo

    I want to help mother and so I want to gain money on my own to sustain my allowance. I hope you could help find carrer.

  • keith hetti

    I will be retiring soon & need to invest my savings in a safe & efficient manner to keep the home fires burning..

  • Ros

    Seeking additional financial advise as retirement is looming and not much to show for it

  • Kevin B

    Just tired of having debt! Looking for some fresh ideas and support during the process of paying it off!

    Thanks Ben!

  • Deborah

    Hi, I am coming to the end of being in a chapter 13 bankruptcy due to my divorce. New financial beginnings are ahead for me and I want to learn how not to make the same financial mistakes of the past and pass along good and healthy financial habits to my children.

  • Sue

    Rewards points on credit cards – interested in more info!

  • DVG

    Midlife and nothing to show for it. Too many mistakes and want to change my poor money habits. Really afraid that it’s too late to make much difference on this course I have created for myself.

  • Terri


    Just trying to live up to my New Years resolution to read at least 1 article about finance both business and personal a day to push myself forward. In order to have money you need to learn how to handle it.

    • adolphe

      hello I am 23 old I need some one who can teach me how can I avoid mistakes in my life

    • BarbWB

      I need to get my debt under control. I’m 60 y.o., a retired nurse, and I recently funded a wedding for my daughter. Help! Thanks for the report!

  • Sharon

    Mid-50’s; starting over after some financial setbacks and life events.

    • Josie

      I’m a 43 year old single mum of 2 teenagers. Have been in a lot debt since my divorce , 7 years ago. Now want to restore a financial balance and live within my means, and to be debt free for good

  • judy

    Am 73yr old female who thinks/thought she,s good with $ but still spends more than she needs too, hoping site will help me be stronger with my goals , thanks, Judy

  • Tina

    Hi, I am 26 with a husband and 2 kids. Till the last year or so I thought I had a great long term job. I have been going to school an working a second job and getting no where. Im looking for life changing advice that does not involve joining the millitary. (My last option)

  • Sami

    Thanks, got it. I’m single and would like to learn how to save/invest in growing enough money to purchase a small apt building for rental income in less than 5 years.

  • Art

    Just hoping to learn something new from the newsletter.

  • Patricia

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the report! I’m 40, recently divorced, former stay at home mom to a great teen! I’m on my own now and need to be steered in the right direction for the future and present moment. Thanks!

  • Debra K

    I am 61 and trying to prepare mentally for the transition to retirement. I spend less than I earn (which isn’t all that much) but have a lot to learn about managing my investments.

  • Alice Mckechine

    I am 56 and have no retirement. My mission is to learn how money works beyond paycheck to paycheck, before I retire.

  • Diana

    Thanks Ben :)
    I have learned a lot from your website and the download is a good direction. I’m over budget and am committed to spending less than I make.
    Thanks again,

  • Isabel

    I need to learn how to be debt free, be able to save more,need to make home improvements buy a car not able to afford to take a vacation in years.

  • susan

    Always looking for reliable financial information.

  • Colin Craft

    A new Costco has opened in my area and I want to be able to use it to my best advantage. I am also interested in any other tips you can offer to save me money.

  • Ira

    always interested in hearing others views and also hearing some tips about various issues

  • Kristin

    I am currently working on moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle and cutting expenses.

  • Paul Scott

    To help us recognize and navigate around lifes ‘financial landmines’. Thanks!

  • doris

    I’m always looking for ways to save money, your site is well written and filled with plenty of helpful advise. There are outlets that sell the returns from Costco.

  • micia

    I’m hoping to get tips on how to turn my finances around to be not rich; but in a position where I have enough to take care of my needs comfortably. I need the motivation!

  • Sharon

    looking forward to learning $$ tips

  • Sam

    Just want to learn.

  • Barb Scott

    Getting a divorce. I’m on my own now and want to learn about money.

  • angam

    hi i am single and no is here to support me. i want to do business so i want some money.

  • E. Thomson

    retired and lots of time to ‘shop’.I am a luddite with basic use of computers

  • Cay

    I am always reading updates from others on dealing with money issues. My hubby and I have taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class and graduated. We are on Baby step 6 (paying off our mortgage). We have no debt except mortgage, savings, retirement savings and plan for our future.

  • bhanu pratap


    I am in my mid 19 with a recently stable, less paying job. I am looking for tips and advice on how to be money smart. I am hoping to make the most of my income in order to have the most financial independence possible.

  • Ron Pearson

    ING used to be great are they still

  • Nina

    Hi, Im a single mom of three. I currently interpret, and I am interested in growing wealth to give wealth. I’d love to enjoy a little for myself as well. ;o)

  • Katie

    Hello Ben, I am looking for way to get my husband and I out of debt. We married just a year ago and there are some debt that need to be cleared up. I’m looking for something at works well for both of us.

  • steven


  • Anne

    I am Canadian but your site is exrremely interresting . Have you researched prepaid credit cards? the ligetimate & useful ones . USA & Can. Thank you

  • Joel L. Frank


    I write the weekly “Current Pension Topics” column in a civil service weekly named “The Chief”. We are based in Manhattan.

    You are to be commended for your fine work.

    Very truly yours,

  • naranbhai n pargi

    i am a 26 yearold college student and want to not only be finacial stable but i want to get out of the rat race. so my i am looking into as many investment,tips, and new and exciting ways to make a type of income that having money work hard instead of laborly working hard for little money. and learning how to build wealth and the steps to do so.

  • naranbhai n pargi

    I am in my mid 20?s with a recently stable, well paying job. I am looking for tips and advice on how to be money smart. I am hoping to make the most of my salary in order to have the most financial independence possible.

  • Bobby

    Retirement time is here. I have saved for it. Now I’m like a Cheechako on the Yukon Trail; trying to find a good claim before I lose my whole kit.

  • phil hart

    looking to save

  • Cheryl Sharp

    Unable to access the article since I am on my tablet which does not support the player but will review when I get to my pc. I am a widow 55+ wanting hints on money savings as I work towards retirement. I am looking forward to learning from you. Thanks!!

  • Bonnie

    Thank you very much for your report and website. I am always looking for helpful and useful financial advice.

  • Daisy

    Hello I am constantly looking for ways how to save money. I hope that you could help. It’s very hard for my to save money, from the time I lost my house, job and benefits. I have a job but is not the same as the last one.

  • Bridgette

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful money ideas with us. Love reading your articles! I just had to subscribe to your newsletter!

  • ramone

    i am a 26 yearold college student and want to not only be finacial stable but i want to get out of the rat race. so my i am looking into as many investment,tips, and new and exciting ways to make a type of income that having money work hard instead of laborly working hard for little money. and learning how to build wealth and the steps to do so.

  • Beth

    I am in my late 30’s, newly divorced and looking for a fresh start financially, looking forward to new ideas and a brighter future.

  • Sara

    I am in my mid 20’s with a recently stable, well paying job. I am looking for tips and advice on how to be money smart. I am hoping to make the most of my salary in order to have the most financial independence possible.

  • Randy

    I am a 55+ single guy (last of the free birds) sharing my home with my dogs. I am constantly searching for ways to make my money go farther and do more! I am not a miser by anybody’s standards but I am very frugal and proud of it! :) Hoping to pick up new ideas from your blog.

  • Linda

    I am always looking for ways to save in today’s economy and found your site to be of interest. I look forward to many money-saving tips. Thank you for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Anxious and ready to improve my quality of life – in all areas, especially financially!

  • Stacey

    Got it! Single mom trying to get out of debt and trying to become more money knowledgeable.

  • Em Cee

    Any help for a 49 yo widow looking for employment would be welcomed.

  • Susan Kummer

    Thinking about becoming a member and thought the report would help us understand Costco’s benefits.

  • Jones

    I am eager to read your booklet to see how I can renew my Executive membership at Costco for less than $110. Last year I renewed for free. I went to the counter to renew and the guy just reduced the price to equal the rebate I was getting from AmEx for getting a new AmEx card. This year Costco said I should get my AmEx refund in Nov AmEx said Feb. I need to decide to renew or not on Dec 1st. I will let membership and card expire and see if I qualify for any discounts.

  • AB

    Single adult taking every avenue to save and build wealth in tough financial times and student loans!

  • Mario

    Any advantage in life is good.

  • Maggie

    Close to retirement and want to make sure we don’t let our savings slip away from us :)

  • Lori

    I’m all for saving money.

  • karen

    The cost of living increases in the past couple of years ie: gasoline, groceries, power, etc. have made it nearly impossible to survive let alone save. My income has fallen to less than half and my expenses are ever increasing. I hope your article might help me figure out a way to make it all work.

  • Michelle

    Single Mom in College; just went through an unexpected divorce… basically starting my life over. I want to be financially secure, on my own.

  • vanessa davis

    It’s the best deal in town. I want to get a membership for a friend. I’ve been with Costco ever since they opened their warehouse in Oakbrook, IL and I am truly addicted.

    They stand behind their product, great customer service, quality of goods are the best, and with the executive membership by year end I am paying half the price for it. You cant’ beat that or the savings.

    Try it for 6 months, if you are not happy Costco will refund you the full amount. It’s a win win situation.

    Be Blessed!

  • Carol Boland


  • Ashley

    College. Enough said.


    In our retirement years, everything is getting more expensive and want all the help available to save money so it doesn’t run out before we do.

  • Maru

    Mother of three teenagers want to be able to educate and share money saving ideas with them that will for life

  • Don

    It always helps to be as educated as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Got it. I have recently retired and looking at various investments.


  • BA

    I want to know how to put more money away and how to use the little I have efficiently.

  • Tim

    Looking for ways to save at Costco. Interested in what you have to suggest. Thanks.

  • Sue

    After years of working We are entering retirement and the world of fixed incomes! Scary!

  • Glovam

    ” Got it ”

    Hi I m Glovam, ” Future Business owner” , Passionate about my dream, to open a restaurant, working around money, as one of the resource in my project(Dream), Focused on Saving more money, Avoid Money mistakes, Increase flow of Money,

    Thanks for the information.

  • JM

    I wanted to know more about money.

  • Amjad MInhas

    I am a research scholar. I am doing my Phd from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad, Pakistan. I am also a visiting Faculty member at Bahria University and Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad. I want to gather knowledge and be able to deliver to my students.

  • Meridian

    I’m a Art major in college and I decided I don’t have to wait till I’m middle aged with a mountain of worries to begin thinking of becoming fiancially safe, they say ‘the sooner you start the better’ afterall :)

  • Zakir

    I got it and hope that your tips turn out to be helpful.

  • Martha

    Friends have told me about the deals on organic produce and meat so I wanted to try it out – just can’t stand paying for a membership! :) Wanted to review your report to see if it will really meet my family’s needs.

  • Kim

    I am a stay at home Mom and with the cost of everything going up we need to use the money that God has given us as wisely as possible.

  • Debbie

    Thank you for the report. I am 61 and approaching retirement. Need to figure out how to invest the money I have better. Have talked to a number of financial advisors but just don’t feel comfortable giving them control of my money. They tell me that they will send me a letter after they have made changes, but that just doesn’t feel right. I’m more of a do-it-yourselfer. I’m going to figure out what to do fast because right now, all of my money is in high-risk investments. I think MarketRiders sounds like a good idea and will probably try that since I will still be the one making the decision. Appreciate advice.

  • marci

    83 years old and never too late to learn!


  • bhoke

    am a university student taking a bachelor degree in business management and my interest in this site is to be well versed with money making techniques that can help me achieve my dream of being international businessman

  • TJ

    got it…thanks
    Trying to learn more ways to save and have my money work for me. My ultimate goal is to retire ON TIME.

  • Brock

    Thanks! I’m interested in reading all I can on how to ensure a financially stable future. Wish I had started at 12 like you but as the saying goes… it’s never too late to start.

  • brock

    on social security. need all the smart help/tips i can get

  • Angie Reighard

    I am looking to buy a car and needing a lot of help soon in deciding on who to contract for painting, electrical, and carpentry work. I don’t have the money or time to make mistakes, soooo I’m hoping this site will help me. Thanks for your help.

  • Pam

    Got it – thank you !

  • Joanne

    i got it and share on facebook thank you. Costco member for a second year and top membership and believe me when they say you get money back at the end of the year! it’s really good to use the money to pay for a renew membership!

  • Chuck

    Got it! Will be 65 soon and am concerned
    about outliving my money. Looking for ways
    to maximize savings.

  • S Barman

    Have had COSCO memberships a few times but let them lapse as did not find the savings as advertised. The TIPS sheet was VERY disappointing. The “tips” were nothing more than those items COSCO often discounts but similar discounts can be obtained elsewhere WITOUT A MEMBERSHIP FEE. Other places also accept DISCOUNT/MFG COUPONS…VERY DISAPPOINTED in that the TIPS offer no methods to get a MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNT…. BJ’s has membership discount options.

  • Ken

    New CostCo opening in our town in the next couple of weeks. Just doing my research :-).

    Current Sam’s Club member, maybe not for long..

  • Yoko

    got it! Thank you!

  • Kyle

    Life’s beginning to suck right now. Really! As of the moment, no job, & @ the same time it’s hard enough just trying to save up for college. I need a sign that will say, “Kyle, everything will be alright.”

  • Dave

    Thanks for the report, looking for ways to get ahead financially!

  • Jill M.

    We’ve lived outside of the U.S. for almost 10 years–have become VERY disconnected to how much things cost–so I’m looking at ALL ways to save money.

  • Judi

    Got hurt at work. Need to save all I can in order to survive this.


  • Jenneth Quiambao

    Got it

  • Ricardo Sanchez

    I love saving money. And our family of six enjoys spending quality time at Costco.

  • Sam

    Semi-retired. Need to save.

  • cecil m gardner

    thank you always looking for ways to save

  • LeRoy

    We have just recently retired and became members of Costco So we are looking for all the ways we can to save money. Thanks you your work in bring these ideas to us.

  • Catherine

    I am looking for ideas to save money however I can, especially now among all this financial turmoil. Thank you for sharing, I am looking forward to reading your article.



  • Christianne

    Thank you for the report. Am a retired recent widow and need all of the financial information that I can get. Thank you, again.

  • Holly Starkey

    I’m always trying to learn more ways to save money & increase my knowledge. I look forward to learning.

  • Rich C

    Thanks for the report! I’m looking forward to reading it. Have a good week.

  • Lois

    As a retired women, I’m always interested in ways to save money.

  • Shani

    Hi. Thanks for publishing this. I’m sure it will be helpful. I’m a student trying to cut costs whenever and wherever I can. Thanks again.

  • Andi

    Download went well. I love your advice –very practical.

  • francis mcmaster

    Very nice job, clear, concise website, also friendly. Download was perfect. Sign up reason; I Hate getting ripped off by greedy corporations. Thanks very much for your work! p.s. link was comcast search on ‘costco discount’.

  • L' Mo

    I can’t remember not being a Costco member! Membership is a “tool” to savings. Grocery stores often have better prices on some items in their weekly circular, so pick and choose wisely. Costco also has great prices on tires and car batteries. The warranties are “bar none!” As gas prices are continuing to climb, take advantage of costco.com for items which often include shipping. Printer (ink) cartridges are cheaper than Staples, and delivered to your door in two days with just a couple of clicks. Yes, “couple of clicks” is an exaggeration, but you get the picture. Costco also offers free technical support and a 2nd year warranty of computers and the like. (Sadly, the electronic trade-in program is ending April 1st.) One last thing when you go…buy gas! It’s 5 to 10 cents cheaper per gallon, and if you use your AMEX True Earnings Card you’ll save even more!!

  • colleen

    trying to do my part in helping stretch my husbands earnings.

  • Cari

    I will soon be eligible for my military pension, and I’m looking for ways to save on ordinary expenses so I can travel and enjoy my new non-working life. Also any tips on how to travel in the US frugally would be great!

  • Cathie Lopez

    Due to loss of income, we cannot afford to purchase software and am having difficulties doing taxes correctly. I wanted to read and find ut better skills to better money management. Thank You!

    • Jim Cupit

      Today it is not necessary to buy software to do taxes. All of the major companies have made their tax prep info available online. You can start at irs.gov and they will direct you to an online site where you can efile your federal taxes for free. You will have to pay for the state, but it is not outrageous. Generally, a lot less than you would have spent to buy software.

  • Southern Belle

    My husband just lost his job of 24 years. He is 58 and entering the job market and I’m worried sick. What are we going to do? Don’t know where to start! We were in over our heads BEFORE the job loss. Now its financial disaster! Looking for help and solace. Thanks for helping!

  • Rose Mary

    Looking for the best ways to help stretch my disability check for my household.

  • Bren

    are you kiddin, Im disabled,my husband lookin at losin his job;;who isnt looking for anyway to save;;thanks

  • Michael

    Trying to put kids through collage. Had cancer 10 years vago had to retire the money i get from disability just is not going to work

  • Sarah Daniels

    Hi. Thanks for the website and the newsletter. Just looking for help on the road to Debt Freedom. We have two kids about to geaduate from college (undergrad and grad)with student loans we are paying back. Along with that, I am on disability, so my husband is the only one working full time while I have lots of medical and prescription costs to add to the debt…so, that’s what it is. But we’re trying very hard to eliminate the debt slowly but surely. Thanks for your help!

  • evelyn

    My husband and I have separate bank accounts and it has been quite stressful. I have a disability that requires I buy tools to deal with it and he doesn’t like my spending money on that. I, also, spend more on child care than he, even though he makes $20,000 than me a year. I am always going to a $0 balance at the end of the month and threatening my credit score while he is putting 1500$ in for retirement.

    • sara

      The retirement money is for savings for BOTH OF YOU !! If you get divorced, you are entitled to half his retirement anyway. Having said that, he should pony up half of child care, or insist on a joint account.

  • Gilbert

    thnx… need to save cash

  • Jean

    mother with kids going thru divorce need to recover from this disaster and save money.


  • Lisa Ecklund

    Thanks for the download. Looking for better ways to handle what little money I have.

  • betsyleibson Leibson

    not sure if I want to join Costco….only 2 of us and am concerned I will spend more money on stupid stuff I don’t need than save on stuff I need.

  • Mark

    I just took a job with a significant pay cut. I am the sole wage earner and have a personal passion to retire debt free at age 55 – I am looking for others who are in our shrinking middle class with whom I might learn and benefit.

  • Donna

    thank you for the report, I am looking forward to reading it.
    My husband is a contractor and i’m an accountant, always looking for new information regarding money.


  • Celeste Lund

    Thank you for the report. My husband is a financial planner and, as the old story goes, manages his clients money and ends up too tired to do ours. I’m figuring the more I learn the more I can help safeguard us. Looking forward top reading your report.


  • Diane

    I’m in the midst of changing jobs. Accepted the position at a lower salary (moving backwards to move forward, so to say), and was counter-offered by my present employer to stay. In researching this situation, I came upon your site and decided to sign up. Your site appears to have numerous educational articles on finances which is just what I am in need of. Thanks.

  • Beverly K Cox

    My husband and I are both disabled and live on a fixed income so we cant afford to make money mistakes.

  • Don

    It was great to hear your story, not a gloom and doom “you must become a member to save your financial well-being!” pitch. I am looking forward to reading your report.

  • Darla

    Forgot to add that I was able to download the report as well.

  • Darla

    Always looking for good websites and blogs to help motivate me to become financially independent.

  • Phil

    looking to begin retirement, can always ues good tips

  • juliet

    i want to save to be able to further my education and prepare myself for my future family as am still single now.

  • rose pierre

    i will love to make money

  • Keith

    69 and semi retired,always looking for income investing ideas.

  • Nate

    If there’s an opportunity to save money, why not?

  • deivamani

    i m a student i need to earn while doing my studies in order to pay my fee dues and make my parents burdenless that is to make them free….

  • nicole

    trying to get organized financially

  • brian

    always looking to save – single dad

  • Chena

    Hello on my journey to having more money to have more time with my family and to have fun with and not worry about who I owe what to.

  • Mary

    Looking to get dept free.

  • Venke Kofod Christiansen

    My name is Venke, I’m 23, live in Sweden Europe and I’m moving to Sydney to study the bachelor of science in Applied Physics at University of Technology next year. I’m applying for scholarships etc. as I am also planning to conceive a donorchild soon and going to be a single mother and student. Therefore I need to find all oppertunities in how to earn some extra money. I have good tutoring/teaching/social skills and I am less good at working with websites etc. So I would prefer to find extra money through helping others somehow in real life. Thank you for your help. Kind Regards, Venke

  • Houman

    I am trying to improve my knowledege about money, and some how to fix my FICO score.
    I assumed this will give me more information and idea.
    Thank you.

  • Red Nuker

    I have been too lax about my financial ways and need to use my hard-earned money in a much smarter manner.

  • sid Edwards

    Retired and more money is better so anything I can do toprovide income is done. Sid

  • Kerry

    I need to tighten my budget and increase my savings. I’m recovering from a financial disaster (divorce)

  • angel


  • Lydia

    Looking for ways to decrease my current debt

  • She-she

    looking to refinance /cut cost

  • Lisa

    I am looking for as much help as I can get to reduce my debt.

  • Dawn

    I’m looking for ways to help my daughter with college expenses!

  • Hugo

    Got the report —Thanks for the great tips. I am retired and I had some savings more than half of which I have lost in these last 3 years due to economic crisis. Any information and tips that can help me learn more to recover my losses and start making some money for my happy retirement are most welcome. Thank you so much for sharing all these

  • christine

    I am trying to help my son, in college in another state, learn more about managing finances.

  • uche

    I want to get the knowledge, I know it will help me greatly in my planning.

  • Amanda

    Looking for more cost-efficient ways to provide for my family, so we can put aside money for the important things: occasional vacations, home purchase, college savings, and retirement.

  • Beverly

    Just retired–need to shop wisely and frugally. Hope to do better about shopping with a plan and cooking and eating what I buy. Hopefully it will help with any big ticket items. Wish they had a “Senior” price since my income is half of what it was!!

  • Maxine

    Just a regular mom trying to get out of debt. Trying to be in control of my money and not money in charge of me.

  • Rob

    retired musician and teacher considering joining costco

  • bert gomez

    thanks for responding at my interest on how to better us my money,i’m just an ordinary person trying to look for ways to get the vest out of my little or no money.

  • Emily

    College student with a few years under my belt and a few years to go. Just looking for a little guidance into managing the money made from part time jobs with the hope of coming out a little above even, if possible…

  • Teah

    looking for better and safer ways to invest for the long haul towards retirement and replenish savings

  • Joanne

    I am a 45 year old woman who has had unexpected medical bills that have put me in the RED! Any way to save a few bucks really helps me out, thanks!

  • Angelique

    I may be a wiz at earning and saving…but I can’t seem to download the link to get your report!!!!! Help please!

  • Ralph

    I need your help! I blow threw my money in couple of days. And if I do try to save it it’s only for couple days than I’m back to being negative or 10 dallors. I want to be able to just live my life and not feel like I’m being cheap, just managing my money better.

  • Janice Lee White

    to be smarter when it comes to spending money
    on anything.

  • Elaine Albrecht

    thank you. always looking for tips.

  • Pat

    Tks for report, always looking to bag a bargain. 56 yrs old ex RAF & Civil servant, Husband just demobed after 38 yrs RAF service on a resonable pension, but every little helps.even though I don’t think I am tight with people, I do love finding sport in saving a quid or so from them that can afford it.

  • Casey

    Hey Ben,

    I am a 7 year professional football player and fitness model, author and business owner.. What these kids need to do, is to get into direct sales. They are already networking with new kids everyday and it could be extremely lucrative for them. The horor stories that are told by most is because they thought they were getting into sales and that is not what it’s about at all! I do great in my business because I gathered a few customers once, got a few of my friends to see the big picture, and now I earn a monthly residual.. Let’s chat soon..

  • sharon

    I am way past the age of financial planning, unfortunately! However, I am hoping to learn as much as possible. If there is any way to increase my retirement funds, I am all ears.
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  • Kamal Hans

    Joined the site to learn tips for saving money & making ot stretch.
    Am a retired person so every bit helps.
    Thanks for your efforts,Ben.
    N.Delhi, India.

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