How to Spend Zero Dollars While Shopping With Your Spouse – The Shopping Cart Slalom

March 5, 2007

Have you ever gone shopping just to keep your spouse company then ended up buying more than they did? I hate to shop but my wife thoroughly enjoys it. Before we had a baby, some weekends she’d head out shopping and I’d do my own thing at home but now we make it a family affair.

Accidental Shopping
The problem for me is that I’ll go along to keep her company but end up buying things myself. Typically it’s something I buy on sale to resell online but occasionally it’s something I intend to keep.

Shopping Cart Slalom
This weekend we hit my “favorite place”, the mall. It never ceases to amaze me the crazed mix of cars and people streaming into these shopping centers hell-bent on consumption and debt creation. As we moved from Old Navy, to the Gap, to some baby stores I stumbled across the perfect weapon against accidental shopping.

In an effort to keep my son entertained I began weaving the stroller in and out of the clothing stands in the store. As we went along I realized that not only was he laughing and smiling but I was enjoying it as well. You may never notice when shopping but all the racks and displays make for some really neat slalom courses for carts or strollers. The fact that I had my headphones in helped to block out the noise of shopping bustle and somehow gave me immunity from the store employees’ dirty looks.

Total Savings
My son and I slalomed our way through every store we entered and I didn’t spend a single cent. Last time I visited Old Navy with my wife I left with 20 messenger bags to resell on eBay, most of which I still have. I also purchased a shirt on sale for myself that I’m sure I didn’t really need. The shopping slalom proved to be a great way to get exercise, have fun, and save money. You should try it sometime.


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